Wosks Coffee Service

Available in hot and cold or room temperature and cold
Available in countertop model or floor model


  • No more bottled water deliveries
  • Reduced invoices
  • No more storage hassles
  • No more lifting and spilling heavy bottles


  • Semi annual cooler sanitization
  • 24 hour on call technical support
  • Guarantee replacement on any parts

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Counter top coolers

Absolute Filtration

  • Many filters will only work for a certain period of time and then become ineffective; our filters are specially designed to automatically shut off should the filter reach its full capacity.  You can rest assured that you will never be drinking un-filtered water.

One Fixed Expense

  • Our monthly fee includes installation, equipment rental, cooler relocation, semi annual sanitization, filter changes, and any servicing or parts costs

NSF Certified

  • Class 42 – Aesthetics
  • Class 53 – Health Related contaminants

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Alpine Coolers: Eliminator Series
  • Available in White or Charcoal
  • Dual Float System (available soon)
  • Blow Molded HDPE Cabinets
  • Formed Stainless Steel Reservoir
  • 5 Yr Warranty
  • Stainless Hot Tank
  • Counter Top less than 18 inches tall

WOSKS COFFEE SERVICE ::: 110-3738 North Fraser Way Burnaby, BC V5J 5G7
TEL:604-324-1335 ::: FAX:604-325-5282