Wosks Coffee Service
Impress you clients and reward your employees
Gourmet single cup brewing for the office
  • No mess or clean up
  • 50+ varieties of coffee, tea and now espresso
  • Multiple brew sizes to choose from
  • Pour over models and direct line water plumbing for high capacity brewing
  • State of the art interface
  • 3 systems to choose from
A Keurig Brewing System for Any Size Office

Office Size



Water Source
Plumbed Only
Plumbed or Pour Over
Pour Over Only
Automatic K-Cup Ejection/Storage
Separate hot water spigot
Water filtration
Allows use of travel mug
Removable drip tray (for cleaning)
Multiple Brew Sizes
4, 6, 8, 10 ozs
6, 8 ozs
6, 8, 10 ozs
Diagnostic lights/message
Vending compatible
LCD Interface (Eng, Fr, Sp)
UL approval

Our K-Cup Selection

► Tully's


Now you can enjoy your favorite Tully’s coffees, freshly brewed one cup at a time, using Tully’s Keurig K-Cups and a Keurig brewer. It takes less than a minute, and there’s no mess, no clean-up.

Keurig’s patented K-Cup portion pack is actually a highly engineered, technologically sophisticated mini-brewer. At Tully’s, we trust it to brew our own coffee varieties with the precise quality and flavor we intended. Every cup. Every time.

► Timothy's

Over three decades ago, this family owned company was successfully built on providing top quality products and services, and these traits are still the foundation of the company today.
While you enjoy Timothy’s products because of the delicious taste, you can also feel great about Timothy’s products as we work with organizations to support environmental and social causes. Timothy’s is a proud supporter of programs that assist farmers and their families, protect land use and wildlife, and promote sustainable coffee growing practices.

► Green Mountain

In the beautiful mountains of Vermont, where time is measured more by change of seasons than the tick of a clock, and where a faster way of doing things is not always a better way, you'll find the home of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. At Green Mountain Coffee, we are dedicated to providing the richest aroma and flavor, for the highest quality coffee experience. We travel the globe to purchase the finest coffees, batch roast them to peak flavor, and vacuum package them fresh for your enjoyment. In 1981, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters hung its shingle on the front of a small café in Waitsfield, Vermont. This café roasted coffee on the premises and formed the base of operations for what was to become one of the nation's leading specialty coffee companies.

► Gloria Jean's

As one of the world’s leading providers of specialty-flavored whole bean coffees, Gloria Jean’s has been providing the ultimate coffee experience for over 25 years. Committed to quality and selection, Gloria Jean’s is the premier destination for people who know and crave gourmet coffee. Each of our flavored coffees receives utmost care from harvest to cup. We meticulously roast and flavor to exacting standards, making Gloria Jean’s coffee the finest you can buy.

► Coffee People

In July 1999, Coffee People became part of the Diedrich Coffee Family.  The rich authentic coffee heritage of Diedrich Coffee and the product portfolio of Coffee People have proved to be a perfect match.  While Coffee People continues its creative, local, and innovative approach to coffee service, Diedrich Coffee, a high end specialty coffee roaster, now expertly roasts Coffee People’s special blends according to traditional Coffee People recipes to honor the heritage of this concept, pioneered in Portland.

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