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Starbucks is known for being the world’s leading roaster and purveyor of premium coffee. Made from the world’s finest beans, it’s a brand known for excellent satisfying coffee. Employees can now be rewarded at work with the perfect cup of coffee, enjoyed all day long. Wosks Coffee Service is proud to be a Starbucks preferred office coffee provider.
Torrefazione Italia is authentic, gracious and true to tradition. From Italy, where a sophisticated coffee culture is the center of many aspects of life,  Torrefazione Italia  is a passionate expression of the art of blending and roasting. It is a coffee that carries the classic experience of Italian hospitality. In true Italian fashion, it is from the world’s finest Arabica beans, which create exceptionally balanced and highly aromatic coffees.  Wosks Coffee Service is proud to offer Torrefazione Italia as our newest branded choice.

The founders of Seattle's Best were early coffee pioneers, and in the beginning the coffee was roasted in an old peanut roaster down on the Seattle waterfront. Our guys used the finest beans and roasted to achieve a bold and full flavored cup that was also smooth and mellow. In those days, the Northwest was such a hotbed of competing coffee styles that a local restaurant held a taste-off to crown "the best cup of coffee in Seattle." Much to our delight, our little coffee company took first place. To celebrate the occasion, we officially re-named the company "Seattle's Best Coffee" and the rest is coffee history. There are many great coffees roasted in Seattle, but only one offers the bold flavor and smooth taste that is Seattle's Best.

Prior to opening the first Tully’s store in Seattle, Washington back in 1992, we made a promise to offer the finest coffees available by sourcing only Arabica beans from the world’s best coffee-growing regions. We’re obsessed with our trade and that’s why we craft all of our coffees by hand in small batches using vintage cast iron roasters from the 1950’s. While many other coffee companies have turned to an automated process, we firmly believe it takes all five senses of a highly-skilled artisan to achieve the perfect flavor profile. It’s this commitment to quality that has helped us become the Pacific Northwest’s largest fully handcrafted coffee roaster. Wosks Coffee Service is proud to be the exclusive office coffee partner for the Greater Vancouver area.
Fratello is a specialty roaster, custom roasting coffee in small batches (30-250 pound batches) and adjusting roast specifications to the type of coffee. This allows for greater control of the roasting process, resulting in fuller taste. We have also developed an ability and reputation for selecting and buying green coffee that, when roasted, is exceptional in flavour and character. The roasting process we use is a slow roast method, which brings out the best flavour characteristics in our beans. Fratello blends our coffee beans only after they are roasted to bring out the greatest flavour potential. This takes more time and effort then roasting the blended beans together, but provides superior results.

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With expertise in office coffee, corporate, restaurant and institution business. We continually strive to provide only excellence in the industry: quality products. Our Gourmet Coffee Collection is a proven example and standard of this quality.
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Our product list includes a wide variety of teas, hot chocolates, fresh dairy products, cold beverages and other kitchen supply needs.

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